Karla Rubio


During his bachelor's degree in Biomedicine and master's studies in Physiological Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico, his work focused on post-translational modifications, exosomal secretion of pro-hormone convertases and their regulatory effect on opioid neuropeptides, under the supervision of Drs. Osvaldo Vindrola and María Rosa Padrós. For his doctoral studies, he delved into the post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms dependent on the MiCEE complex, where he developed a consistent therapeutic approach in the context of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Recent evidence highlights the unexplored connection between pulmonary fibrosis and Alzheimer's disease (Lahiri et al., J.Biol.Chem., 2017), so she intends to apply her experience with chromatin and non-coding RNA in future neurodegeneration projects. He has experience in the bioinformatic analysis of total RNAseq, small RNA-seq, editome sequencing, ChIPseq and Pro-seq from databases generated in his laboratory and also recovered from public repositories, under the supervision of the PD group leader. Dr. Guillermo Barreto. Besides, he directs a project related to the non-canonical activation of transmembrane receptors involved in the resistance of small lung cancer cells to conventional chemotherapy. She was invited to join the EMO-Lung clinical trial for the non-invasive diagnosis of lung cancer, which is conducted in parallel at five pneumatological centers in Germany and has been patented in Europe and the USA. For her future career, she would like to implement funded bilateral projects between Mexico and Europe focused on comprehensive epigenetic regulation of age-related pathologies. Also, she mentors the New York Academy of Sciences program "1000 Girls 1000 Futures" to promote STEM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in young Mexican women with limited resources, and in activities related to the dissemination of basic sciences (popularization articles). Her extra-curricular activities include choral and opera singing, the study of Renaissance instruments, as well as long-distance athletics (10-21 km).

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