Marion Díaz


Owner of BISTROT M (Restaurant with 25 years of trajectory, located in Mexico City).

Cook: (She prefers that term because she thinks that nowadays there are too many chefs away from the stove).

She comes from a family of great guisanderas driven by a passion for work and attachment to the fires, to what they represent in the restoration of people and family. 

Equally, an essential part of their philosophy is that dishes are prepared with selected ingredients that arrive daily at their doors from farms and artisan production centers.

She graduated with honors from the Diploma for Chef Training at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1995, the first institution to have a Gastronomy study program in Mexico).

He has taken specialty courses in the schools Lenôtre and Alain Ducasse France, a country he loves for its traditions and vast Gastronomy.

She has been a Chef collaborator for the magazines PLAYBOY and MARIE CLAIRE, as well as for the newspaper EXCELSIOR. 

Due to her enormous creative capacity and unequaled treatment of her clients (she knows everyone by name, surname and personal taste and teaches her team to do the same), her work has been recognized in publications such as Reforma, Excelsior, Talentos, Sky, and Chilango, among others.

He participated in 2017 at the Gastronomic Festival, Qué Gusto! in Paris, France.

He has dedicated 25 years of his life to his Bistrot, tireless, always at the foot of the barrel, in charge of every detail.


The main characteristic of his Bistrot is also the reason for his success and loyalty to his diners. Day by day, her customers are immersed in an honest dining experience, attached to a loving and creative trade that evolves without falling into false pyrotechnics.

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