Mercedes Ahumada

Animadora del Polo Gastronomía

Mercedes Ahumada is Head of Traditional Mexican Cuisine, promoter of Mexican cuisine in France and founder of "Mercedes Ahumada Cuisine Mexicaine," a company dedicated to regional and traditional Mexican banquets in Paris, as well as the sale of Mexican gastronomic products and gastronomic consulting.

In 2014, after an investigation of European corn, it launched its own brand for Mexican tortillas.

He specialized in Traditional Mexican Culture and Cuisine at the Escuela de Gastronomía Mexicana, directed by traditional chef Yuri de Gortari and gastronomic researcher Edmundo Escamilla.

He has participated in prestigious gastronomic forums in Paris, such as the "Cordon Bleu Paris" next to chef Phillippe Groult, the best worker in France, making traditional bread, traditional cuisine, and showing pre-Hispanic techniques. He has been in charge of events for essential brands inspired in Mexico, among them, the presentation to the press of the collection spring-summer 2016 "Fragonard," historical Parisian perfume house. She has held banquets for different private companies in Paris and the Parisian region and is continuously invited to show her cuisine at gastronomic festivals.

She has also been the first Mexican chef to appear at the International Agricultural Show in Paris for two consecutive years, introducing the Mexican tortilla and Mexican regional cuisine as a gastronomic culture.

It has been presented at the International Wine Organization in the city of Bordeaux, having the honor of pairing wines from different Mexican houses as part of its presentation to the European market.

In 2018, he represented Mexico at the International Food Show in Paris, promoting Mayan gastronomy, at the invitation of PROMEXICO.

He has participated in French radio broadcasts such as RFI, talking about different topics such as entomophagy and Mexican traditions promoting gastronomic tourism.

His commitment and respect, as well as his interest in safeguarding Mexican heritage, gave him the honor of being part of the second season of the broadcast "Mexico Global TV" Chapter Paris, Channel 22 of Mexico.

In 2019 it is part of the Mexico chapter of the second season of Fred Chesneau's documentaries in the framework of "Les Paris du Globe Cooker" broadcasted in January 2019, on the French television channel +.

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