Vania Rosas

General Secretariat

Vania Rosas did a scientific doctorate at the Institut Pasteur and has international experience in R&D academic research. She has been active in the field of EC and French project management for the last 10 years, working on stem cell research and regenerative medicine projects, within this framework, she is responsible for projects of LABEX Revive, a sizeable French initiative (Investments for the Future) coordinated by the Institut Pasteur. Vania also collaborates in the Institut Pasteur Grants Office by offering professional support to researchers throughout the life cycle of projects funded by the European Commission (EC) from the proposal phase. As part of its experience, it offers advice and has developed tools for researchers on the ethical requirements of EC projects in the pre- and post-award phases.

As part of his activities as project officer for Labex Revive, he has also contributed to responding to society's priorities, establishing communication opportunities for the general public on bioethics issues related to stem cell tourism here in France, and has published an article in Mexico for a broad public on this topic: 

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